Sunday, March 23, 2014

Dark Souls 2 & Other Games

So I've been juggling between various games this month. March has been a pretty packed but I wanted to play all the big games as they came out. I'm just gonna give my impressions of what I've been playing.

Dark Souls 2 has been a lot of fun. It's familiar yet different enough that even Souls vets will find it refreshing. I've been pretty impressed with how it feels and controls. The UI and various mechanics have been refined and better. It's definitely a lot less frustrating than the previous games in the series. The ability to warp to any bonfire is a relief and I like how durability works in this game. The online stuff is also way better. I never really cared about online coop in the previous games but I've been addicted to helping people fight bosses in this game. Fun fun.

The story and characters have been pretty good so far. The NPC voiceover is excellent as expected from a Souls game. But this one might be the best simply because the actors have way more lines to work with. So not only could we enjoy their performances more but we also learn a lot more about the characters and their backstory than we ever had in the previous games. There are some really amazing performances. Not a bad one in the lot.

Anyway, the game is still very challenging especially as you progress further into the later areas. You will definitely die. I'm still having fun and I have been hooked on it more than any of the other games that came out in the past few weeks. 

InFamous: Second Son was another major release I played recently. The graphics are damn gorgeous and one of the prettiest games on the current consoles. I was constantly impressed with how beautiful it looks and the lighting is excellent. It definitely felt like the previous games in the series with how it controls and plays. It does have some of the jankiness of the previous games but I haven't encountered any weird bugs or glitches. 

So far I'm not a fan of the main character. Delsin is a cocky douchebag with a personality of a young annoying teenager. He hasn't been as interesting or relatable as Cole so far. Hope he gets better over time. The way certain story beats transition is also a bit jarring. Not a fan of that either.

I'm still enjoying the game but the story really hasn't grabbed me at all. 

Titanfall was one of those massive new releases I haven't spent enough time with. I completed one side of the campaign and it was alright. The story was kinda crap and basically white noise during the matches. This game definitely needed a real SP campaign. What they gave us sucked. I really didn't give a crap about what was going on in those little screens in the upper right. What a waste of resources.

The proper MP modes are fun but make sure to play with friends or people you know online. The game is still fun but less fun with strangers. I haven't played enough to be really good at it but it's been enjoyable. I'll spend more time with it soon.

Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap was an unexpected title I wanted to play after beating A Link Between Worlds earlier this year. I got the game free from the Ambassador Program that Nintendo did way back. 

I'm really enjoying it right now. The sprites are gorgeous and the music is excellent as expected. Some of the puzzles are simple but they did a good job making some of them just hard enough or subtle enough to make me scratch my head. 

I'm taking my time with it and jumping into it whenever I'm in the mood. It's pretty great so far.

Too many games with more coming out this week!