Monday, March 31, 2014

Dark Souls 2, Diablo 3: RoS + inFamous: SS Impressions

Finished a couple of big games in the past week. Just some impressions of what I thought of them.

Dark Souls 2 [PS3]

GREAT game. I really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. Some areas and bosses made me annoyed or frustrated just like with the previous Souls games. But I didn't give up as much because of the better online and changes to the system. Summoning and being summoned was way less aggravating and I was hardly invaded. It was almost impossible trying to summon or get summoned at a decent rate which made me play the previous games offline. But I loved the online in this game and it made coop a lot more fun. I'm still not a fan of the invasions due to the fact that they happen at the worst areas for me.

Overall, this is probably the most accessible game in the series. It's easier for vets to get into but still a challenge for anyone who hasn't played the series. There's still a lot of areas that will test your patience and some bosses will destroy you. There's still some trophies I want to get and many more secrets out there so I may revisit it soon. Once again, definitely a must play if you enjoyed this series. Loved it.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls [PC]

This was a nice continuation of the Diablo 3 story. While it wasn't as long as I liked, they did a good job tying up loose ends with several NPCs. The main story was blah and way too predictable. I played as the Female Wizard and she became super sassy which amused me. Some of the dialogue was cliche as expected but whatever. I'll probably play as the other characters just to see all their storylines so that should be fun. I can't help but feel they're setting this up for another expansion.

I also need to mention that I loved the new and improved loot system and other changes. The end of the auction houses was the best decision they made. The ability to get loot that is actually useful was a breath of fresh air. When I returned to the game, everything in my stash was basically pure junk at this point. I couldn't wait to sell/scrap them as soon as possible. Loot was the most important part of this series and now we can finally enjoy the game fully.

Overall, this is worth getting if you enjoyed the main game. All the new stuff was good and I'm sure playing the game on coop at higher difficulties will be better with better loot.

inFamous: Second Son [PS4]

Fun game with one of the most gorgeous graphics on the current consoles. I loved the look of everything. The lighting is amazing and the textures were sharp as hell. It's a beautiful game. The powers were fun and I liked the traversal. I really enjoyed using them and they got better as you leveled them up. Some of the enemy encounters were kind of annoying but the ability to quickly escape made them tolerable.

As for the story, Delsin was annoying at first but if you played the Good side, he became much more likable as you progressed. The Evil side was not worth playing through for the story. I only did it for the trophies. My main problem with the Evil side were the the evil scenes. They didn't mesh well with the rest of the game. The dialogue didn't change too much and Delsin being "evil" came off as just more of an irritating SOB. It was nothing as interesting as what happened with Cole if you turned evil in the previous games. The overall story for both sides weren't that great anyway. This was a relatively short game (especially compared to the previous games) so they didn't actually have a lot of character development. Quite a shame because I could see so much potential with what they had in there already. Fetch and Eugene were interesting characters and they could've had more missions to flesh them out. Potential lost unless they make more story-related DLC.

Overall, I still enjoyed the game. It's not quite as beefy as the previous inFamous games so any vets of the serious should be prepared for that. You might finish it in a weekend marathon even if you decide to collect everything. Even though I Platinumed the game, I'm still going to play for the bonus missions that they're gonna put out. The Cole's Legacy DLC was pretty cool and the Paper Trail mission intrigued me. Worth playing.