Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Snow and USPS Frustration

So it's been snowing a lot lately around here. I'm frankly sick of it but we have more tonight and another big storm tomorrow. Hopefully it's the last one for Winter because there's frankly no where left to put all this shit.

Also, I've been pretty frustrated with USPS concerning my package deliveries lately. I am particularly annoyed with them for the past two weeks. My Amazon Prime two-day shipping packages have been continually delayed which is irritating to say the least. I can understand that the weather is involved but UPS and FedEx seem to be doing fine at delivering my packages on the estimated delivery dates. But USPS has failed.

I decided to file a complaint through their website and actually got a response back from my local post office the next day. I could tell the USPS rep wasn't exactly happy trying to explain themselves but at least they tried to tell me why it's happening (sorta). It's pretty lame though. They said that they're usually given two extra days to deliver something and said I was right that the weather was affecting them. But this completely negates why I chose Amazon two-day shipping in the first place. In any case, I'm glad they got the message cuz I've let them off the hook too many times before. I hope they fucking wake up and get it together. If UPS/FedEx can get their shit delivered on time then USPS should try too. This isn't the holidays and the weather has been pretty clear so I'm not sure why packages that have been sent recently suddenly get delayed when they reach my local post office.

 I hate my local post office.


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Lil Britches said...

They suck nothing wrong with weather here and so far 2 packages overnight express that had to go 250 mile still not here and this is day 3