Sunday, April 20, 2014

Dark Souls 2 NG+, Wolf Among Us Ep 3 and Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea Parts 1 + 2 Quick Thoughts

Another post about games I've beaten recently and my thoughts about them.

Dark Souls 2 [PS3]

So I finished it in New Game+ and it was definitely a challenge. If you thought your first playthrough was easy, then NG+ will kick your butt. The way they added extra enemies and Dark Spirits was really trollish and made the game much tougher even if you thought you knew everything. I also really liked the armor and weapons that you could only obtain in NG+ and beyond. It really adds a lot of replaybility for fans who wanted more stuff. There are also rewards for optional challenges if you're crazy enough to do them. Really smart and well done.

Btw, I also got the Platinum trophy! It wasn't easy but I got so good at it that it didn't take as long as I expected. I'll probably dabble with the PC version to check out the improved graphics and framerate but I need to play other games in my backlog. I spent nearly 2 months straight playing nothing but Dark Souls 2 and that was a lot of game!

The Wolf Among Us Episode 3 [PC]

This was definitely the best in the series so far. The story was really well written and well paced. There were lots of tense moments and really great scenes. The mystery continues to intrigue me and I'm really wondering where this is going. Keep it up, Telltale!

BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Parts 1 & 2 [PC]

So I waited for both parts to be out before I played them and it was totally worth it. Part 1 was alright but had a pretty wild ending. On the other hand, Part 2 was simply incredible. The way they tied the games to the previous games in the series was pure genius. The story was just amazing with lots of really mind-blowing parts that BioShock vets will love. This was such a nice sendoff for the series. I truly appreciated what Irrational Games did and wish all the employees there good luck with their future endeavors. Thank you for leaving us with one of the most kickass stories in all of video games. It's gonna stay with me for quite a while. Simply beautiful.