Sunday, May 18, 2014

Child of Light, The Walking Dead S2 Ep3 + Super TIME Force Thoughts and Impressions

Completed Child of Light [PS4] and it was a good game. The graphics and music were incredible. The art direction and visuals were simply beautiful and animated really well. But the soundtrack was even better. I loved every track. It was very soothing during exploration and the combat and boss battles were epic as shit.

I have to admit that I originally played it on Hard but it was pretty hard and I found myself dying a lot. I decided to dial it back down to Normal to enjoy the story more. The combat was still fun and some of the optional bosses were still tough. It's an okay story and a bit predictable. The party members were pretty charming and likeable. I kind of wish their sidequests were more developed so they had more involved storylines. Most were pretty simple and short quests. My MAJOR gripe with the story was the dialogue. The rhyming stuff was cute but most of them were poorly written. I wish they spoke normally and reserved the rhyming to one character or the narrator. It felt like the writers were trying really hard to make things rhyme and it came off sounding pretty terrible.

One thing I need to point out were the crashes. I think my game crashed 5 times when it was trying to load a scene or event. It was pretty annoying but the game autosaved often so I never lost any progress. But still, pretty annoying.

Overall, it's worth playing for the gorgeous visuals and amazing music. I recommend it.

Also finished The Walking Dead S2 Episode 3 [PS3]. It was another great episode and had some great shocking moments. While it wasn't as good as Episode 2, it had a lot of great dialogue and I liked the new characters. I do have to say I was really annoyed with the load times on the PS3. They took much longer than previous episodes for some reason. Anyway, I'm sure it probably performs better on PC but I'm pretty invested with the PS3 version because I played through the series on this console first. Hopefully the loading issues are better in the next episode.

Overall, if you're playing it already then keep on trucking. It was good.

I also completed one world in Super TIME Force [XOne] and it's a crazy game. Full of charm and personality. The game looks great and performs great. Love the time mechanics and the weapons are fun to use. I'll be playing it more soon. Check it out.

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